Sunday, November 15, 2009

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O MY GOODNESS......Where did time go???

So once again life has ran away with us! Summer ended, Football and school then consumed us, no football has ended (a sad thing for us), and now we are running into the Holidays!

We had a fun Halloween, the kids are doing pretty good---some like school and some DON'T!!! But they are going and doing the best that they can.

Devin is playing the Clarinet and doing actually really well with it. He is the typical "teenager" and technically isn't one yet!! He did a great job playing football this year and has been doing some funs things at school.

Aaron has had some challenges this year, but we sure do love him with all our hearts. He was such a brave kid and spent a week being evaluated to help us determine how to best help him. Aaron has moved to Kristie's (his mom) house in West Jordan to hopefully be able to be successful in all areas. They have some great schools that can meet his special education needs and hopefully will be able to help him excel. Kristie and Chris (her fiance) are able to give Aaron some of the individual attention that he requires and we know will be good for him. Of course we are sad that we will not have him with us as much, but feel that it is what will be in his best interest and will see him as much as we can.

Travis has had a tremendous year! He has matured and grown so much. He loved football and worked so hard to do the best that he could. School this year has been nothing but good reports of grades and behavior. We are so proud of him.

Payson is always a ham and keeps us laughing with his Lady GaGa dancing. He has a little crush on her (I am WORRIED!!) He is struggling a little with his reading and gets frustrated, but he is trying which is all we can ask of him. This was his first year of football and hated everybit of it----yet he keeps telling me that he can't wait until next year????!!!!

Bekah has become a little diva. She has lots of friends and loves being the center of attention. She is doing well in school and really likes it. She cut her hair short (to be "like mom" but we aren't sure which one lol maybe both of us) and to looks way cute---at least I think so. Doing her hair in the morning is a lot easier at least!

Lexie Lou is our glue. She has such a fun personality and keeps us smiling. She is however SO my stubborn child. Yes I take full responsibility for it. But she also is independent and strong willed which I will also take credit for :-) Best of all she is also almost potty trained!!

Evan is hanging in has kept him busy and more away then we would like. He continues to be a great dad and works hard for us.

Me....CRAZY as ever....running the kids, my business, and school....sleep is optional

Love you all!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

May Update....Ok...JUNE update

WOW did the last two months just fly....we had SO much happen.....Evan came home early, kids got out of school, We lost Grandpa Knight (but Grandma Knight got him back!!), Bekah graduated Kindergarten and had her dance recital, Travis and Aaron got to build their own skateboards and then went to a Skateboard camp, Evan went back to work and then got sent to DC, and I graduated from school!!!!!

Here's a bunch of pictures for your enjoyment!

OOOO He is SO cute when he stops moving!!

Can you hear him sucking in the ceiling???

Took Kids to Tempenaki to celebrate Dad coming home

Sunday, May 3, 2009

April Events

Well the month flew away with me again. Not to much going on here. We are counting the days until dad get home and trying to get done with school. We got to have a great Easter break where we got to enjoy some sunshine. We also got to go to the Living Farm in Logan where the kids got to enjoy the animals. Hope that all is well with each of you!!

Cousin sleep over!

The Lexie Fairy

Travis self picture

Kids in their easter outfits.....good looking!

Payson with his "bunny" hat

Lexie wasn't sure what to think of the baby animals....

Can't get cuter then this!

Proof that I AM with them!!

Handsome kid

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Ok Ok.....I am not doing well keeping up on this and many have requested an update so here it is...

My kids totally rock it! They have all been doing so well and dealing with mom trying to finish the last month of school, opening up a new business, and being a little (well maybe A LOT!) grumpy. Each of them are making progress in their personal goals and I am proud of each of them.

This month I got to go to San Diego to be with Brett and Jenni as they became an eternal family. I am so very proud of them! Devin got to ride with my dad and spend some time away from the family craziness. Thanks dad and DeEtte for being so good to him!

Business is slowly but surely growing. We are getting some direction on what we want to accomplish and it feels good. We have some exciting things happening the next couple of months so check out the new listing on the website (

Attached a few pictures for your entertainment!!

How many Belew's does it take to hang a clock??

Enjoying dinner in San Diego
Ugly, Ugly, Uglier, and ME!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Family Update

What a CRAZY 2009 we have already had! Kids are busy at school and doing pretty good. I opened my office up this month and I am proud to say that I still have hair! We miss Evan terribly and are counting down the days until his return.

I posted some pictures from Molly's wedding below. The kids were SO cute!!! Check Lexie out....she LOVED being "pretty".

I am slowly working on my office webpage....check it out at and give me some feedback! I need it because I really really need this business to work :-)

This friday night we are having scrapbook night at the office from 6-11. Bring a friend it will be LOTS of fun. On Valentine's night we will be having daycare available from 5 to 11 so you all can go out with your sweetie's. Let me know if you want to drop your kids off so that I have a count for dinner!

We hope that all of you are doing well and are happy!!
Love me

Molly's Weddng